A Llama Birth - Stormy

Alana is starting to look very uncomfortable; sitting on her side, hunched up, and grunting a little bit.  Looks like she is in labor and we will soon have a baby. Births normally occur from a standing position, with the feet appearing first and then the head.  Here you can just see the first foot sticking out. Now we have two feet.  This is Alana's first cria and she is a little concerned with what is going on back there.
One big push and the head is now out with the two front feet.  As soon as the head emerges the cria begins to shake it's head and you can hear it snort and cough.  It is still attached to the umbilical cord at this point so it doesn't really have to breath yet. Alana lays down for a rest.  Moms may take a extended break from pushing at this point to allow time for more dilation as the big shoulders are next. Now it is time for the big push to get the shoulders out.
As the cria eases out past the shoulders, this dangling allows all the fluids to drain from the lungs.  This baby was quite large and mom had to give an extra push to get the hips out. Mom says hello to her new baby boy.  She will start to hum to it almost immediately, some moms even start to hum to their crias during labor.
As the cria begins to roll around in the grass, the other llamas come and check out the new addition to the herd. He finally gets his legs under him and rolls into a cush.  Since it was so nice and sunny we let him roll around in the grass and dry naturally in the sun. After a short rest it is time to try and stand.  First he gets his front knees under him.
Then the back legs... After a couple of failed attempts its time for a rest with mom. Here we go again...
and we're up! Now it's time for breakfast.  Since there is no passive transfer of antibodies in the womb, it is extremely important for crias to get that first colostrum from mom.  That is how they build their initial immune system. Now with a full belly its time to finish drying out in the sun.
After finding a good spot to cush he decides to take a nap. A few hours later mom will pass the placenta. All dry and laying in the buttercups - here is LJB Wings of the Storm!

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Last Updated 10 June 2005