Wallstreet's Mercy Challenger

Born : August 20, 2001

Mercy joined the farm in August 2001.  While nursing an ailing llamaóa visit to the vet brought about our introduction.  Born three weeks too early at the vetís farm, she was not  even able to stand.  Her chances of survival were slim.  Since the vet was heading out for vacation, we brought her home and started ďCria CareĒ.   By 4 days, she was able to stand and taking 50 ounces of milk by bottle.  We went back to the vetís and retrieved a very confused mother.  By keeping them together for a week, Motherís instinct took over and mom let  the baby nurse.  After another week,  Motherís milk came back.   At 3 weeks, Mercy was nursing well and totally off the bottle.  Since our sick llama didnít survive, I called this baby Mercy and decided to give her a permanent home at our farm. 

We hope to start breeding Mercy
in the Spring of 2005.


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Last Updated 14  February 2004