LJB Jenni's Jubilee


Contact us at: ljb@graustarkllamas.com

Born : November 6, 1999

Jubilee is a wonderful girl and an amazing mother.  We enjoyed winning with her in the show ring when she was younger.  Over the past few years, she has gifted us with three beautiful girls, two of which we have added to our breeding program.  So now we are offering her up for sale with a free breeding to one of our herd sires.


LJB Alleluia Jubilee


LJB Selah Silk


LJB SweetJubilation



Senor Isador

Senor Rojo
Don Juan Quixote
Rosita HU03
Isabeau Huckleberry Finn
Lady Hawk


Errol Flynn
Graham Cracker Smacker
My Antonia
Chief Sitting Bull
Annabel Lee

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Last Updated 1 February 2008