Guardian Llamas

Interested in a guardian llama? 
Since most of our llamas now are either elderly or have special needs, we are not offering any for sale as guardians.
However, many of our llamas have gone on to successfully guard sheep, goats, and alpacas. 
We keep several sheep to check out which of the llamas show those guarding instincts.
Most llamas do not naturally guard until they are adults of 2-3 years.  Until then, they enjoy being youngsters and leave the work to the grown-ups!

                                 biscotti and girls
We do not guarantee guarding ability but will gladly work with you if you think the animal is not doing the job.   Guardians can be geldings or females ( or one of each!) however we do not recommend intact males.  Many of our past clients have found two llamas will guard as well as one and the llamas are happier this way.  Also - when weaning time comes - no need to  make a decision on which group has the protection - just send a llama with each! 

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If you are new to guardian llamas, please take a moment to check out our Llama Information and Living the Llama Lifestyle pages so you can familiarize yourself with the care and responsibilities involved in having a llama.  After all - if you are investing in the safety of your flock or herd - it will benefit you to keep the guardian happy, healthy and safe as well.

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Provided below is a link to an article on the ILR (International Llama Registry) website entitled:

Guard Llamas: An Alternative For Effective Predator Management

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