GF Fiberworks

GF Fiberworks is a dream in progress. Many years ago, I was given the wonderful opportunity to weave on several looms from the 1700 and 1800's. I was thrilled to sit on those benches and run my hands over the beaters that so many others had used. My mind was filled thinking of the artisans that had sat in the same spots, doing the same movements and turning their own ideas and dreams into solid fabric. Within the last few years, with the help of friends, I have acquired a variety of old spinning wheels, several barn frame looms, and some other fiber processing equipment. Most are in need of restoration and some TLC. I know that these tools have stories to share and want to give them a home where they can once again come alive, work and be useful.

As my collection has grown, so too has the desire to share these lovely tools with others. Now we are looking for our forever farm. This will have a forever home for our aging herd of llamas and a building to house the fiber tools. My hope is that others will be interested to come and use the tools for their own projects. Maybe there will be classes, but for sure there will opportunities for young and old to learn how fiber was processed and how fabric was produced in the "old days".

This fall we were able to load up a few of the old wheels and set up one of the old looms in a refitted horse trailer and take her on a field trip to the local festivals. My daughter wove 4 scarves over the two weekends and hundreds of folks, young and not-so-young, learned how cloth is made. The dream is alive and moving forward.......



Connecticut 4 post barn frame loom

circa approximately 1790-1820








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